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Dump Truck Hauling Services – Great rates and dependability for all your hauling needs. Our licensed, bonded and insured Dump Truck Hauling Services include:

*Dirt hauling for large and small construction and excavation projects in Chicagoland. We will transport dirt onto or away from your project site safely and efficiently. Fill dirt, finish grade dirt and excavation hauling.

*We perform sand hauling – fill sand, concrete sand and masonry sand for project sizes in the Chicago region. For residential, commercial and government contracts.

*Hauling rocks and gravel is a task that requires experience to be performed correctly. Projects calling for decorative rock hauling, stone hauling, landscape rock hauling, limestone and fill gravel hauling or road bed rock hauling can all can be successfully completed by our experienced drivers.

Dump Truck Hauling Services CHICAGO


Our trucks are available on a per load basis or at hourly rates. Call our offices in Addison today and let us know how we can help!

We will create a proposal that’s customized to meet your requirements and get the job done.

CHICAGO Dump Truck Hauling Services CHICAGO

*Demolition hauling. Our Dump Truck Hauling Services are fully capable of handling demolition projects of any size. We will safely transport demolition material away from your job site promptly so you can move forward with your project whether you’re demolishing one small structure or a large commercial building.

*Residential and commercial driveways can sometimes need new loads of gravel for repairs. Additionally, new driveway construction typically requires gravel too. Fuller Trucking Enterprises Inc. can deliver the right size and amount of gravel needed for your driveway projects. Whether you need fill, base or decorative gravel, our trucks will have it there for you when you need it.

Our well-maintained fleet is ready with Dump Truck Hauling Services to supply the customized hauling services you need to keep your projects in the Chicago area on schedule and running smoothly! Hourly rates or by-the-load rates available.


Tell us about your job site needs and we’ll develop a proposal with specifics for you. Reach Fuller Trucking Enterprises Inc. at 630-426-3168.